By working with our Company as a Partner, we will help you to analyse your potential Lead Markets and Sell in China.

Here is what we can do for you:

>EVALUATION OF THE MARKETABILITY OF YOUR PRODUCT OR IDEA: With over 30 years experience in the Chinese Market, we can give you an immediate indication whether your product is suitable for China. Almost any type of product can be of interest to buyers in China. However, there always some items which are politically or culturally unsuitable, or are made uncompetitive by high import duties. So, before proceeding, it is necessary to ascertain whether your product has a real chance to be sold on the Chinese Market.

>AVENUES OF MARKET PENETRATION: We will lay out strategies that are suitable for penetration of your products;  and areas – both geographical and market based – where you should consider placing it.

>VISIBILTY and PROMOTION: If required, we will help you to place your product in the main media arenas. We can translate your product details into Chinese and prepare a Chinese language website, publish on different business websites and also other media outlets such as the newspapers, magazines, social networks etc.

>SALES: Arrange a booth at suitable Trade Fairs related to your product in all majors cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou – and supply staff to man your booth and act as your company representative. We can also arrange all the ticketing, transport and accommodation for you and any of your own staff when they attend the Fairs.

>COMMUNICATION: Handle all the Contracts, Sales, Communication with your Chinese Buyers.

>INLAND HANDLING: Manage Warehousing and Delivery of your Products in China.

>PAYMENT RISK: We can act on your behalf to arrange the movement of funds between your company and your Chinese Buyers. Any income in RMB (Chinese Yuan) can be changed into US$ or EU and remitted to your bank account overseas.

>ADMIN: We can help you register your own company in Hong Kong if necessary.