With more than 25 Years of Expertise, we can help you to distribute your Products accross China.

Established in Singapore in 1977, GCI moved the company’s head office to Hong Kong in 1983 to establish a stronger presence in China as the country started to open its doors to the outside world.

Since that time, GCI has been active throughout China sourcing every kind of product on behalf of buyers from all over the world.

In addition to this, the company has established a large range of its own products which are promoted through its websites, and also assists foreign companies to break into the China market with their goods or services.

The company has based its head office in Star House on the Hong Kong/Kowloon waterfront for 30 years. The Canton representative office in Guangzhou has been in operation since 1993, and as soon as China passed laws in 2006 permitting the establishment of fully independent foreign trading corporations, GCI was one of the first companies to be issued with a licence.

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With a Population of 1.35 Billion and a growing middle class willing to consume and buy Foreign Branded Products , China represents a great opportunity for Companies curious to explore new Markets and develop its sales.

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